Bermaz Auto Berhad
Bermaz Auto Berhad
Bermaz Auto Berhad
Bermaz Auto Berhad


Bermaz Auto Berhad is public company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 18 November 2013. Bermaz Group is principally involved in the distribution and provision of after-sales services and spare parts of two (2) internationally renowned marques in Malaysia namely, Mazda and Kia. We are also the distributor of Mazda marque in the Philippines. We distribute a wide range of vehicles under the two (2) marques and our 3S centres are located in major townships throughout Malaysia.


"Seek to be the Automotive & Mobility Distributor of Choice
Managing Customer’s Ownership Experience"


Truthful, trustworthy and genuine. It isn’t only about doing things the right away, it’s also about expressing the values in which a company is founded.

Honest business practices inspire employees, suppliers and customers with respect to the company’s mission. It builds foundations of trust with fellow colleagues, competitors, employees, customers and every other individual and entity. Employees will be motivated to drive business forward. Financiers and investors express confidence by supporting the company’s development and consumers’ confidence will be positive. Trust is something that most clients will value more than any aspect of a business.

Bermaz has always taken pride in the way how it operates its business, products and services in an honest and truthful manner. We continue to strive to be trustworthy and genuine in all our dealings and to provide greater customer experience and satisfaction.

Strong moral principles, behaves ethically. It's about having sound moral and ethical culture throughout the organizational ecosystem.

It's about being transparent about shortcomings, staying accountable and owning up to any mistakes. Integrity is the foundation on which co-workers build relationships and trust, and it is one of the fundamental values that employers seek in the employees that they hire. A person with integrity acts with honesty, honor, and truthfulness and is a valuable skill in an employee.

The Board of Bermaz is committed to upholding the highest legal and ethical conduct in fulfilling its responsibilities and in ensuring that these ethical principles are strictly adhered to in the Group at all times and within the required standards of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance as well as the principles and values outlined in the Company’s Employee Handbook and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.

Determination, proactive support, high productivity and awareness of quality.

It is the feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the goals, mission, and vision in an organization he/she is in. Employees who are committed tend to believe in the Company's shared goals, vision, and mission, which in turn motivates them to be more productive. They will make greater effort to be autonomous, set more ambitious goals, and get more things done.

Bermaz strive to instill such commitments in all its employees and employs various engagement channels such as yearly Town-hall meetings chaired by our Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, on-boarding programme including staff orientation, intranet site, webcast, online activities and counseling to help employees stay connected and motivated and understand fully the direction of the Company.

Dedication, passionate, genuine effort in helping the Group grow and prosper. Not to compete with but rather to advance the Group’s interests.

It is a selfless and genuine act by an employee who sacrifices his/her own time and interest for the success of the company and is dedicated in helping the company grow and prosper beyond setbacks and competitors. It is a two-way process between the company and the employee where a relationship of mutual respect needs to be nurtured between the parties.

Bermaz recognizes the importance of employees’ loyalty in the overall productivity and performance of the Group. The Group’s image is mainly built by the employees since they are the ones that handles the products and the various brands under the Group. Hence, employee’ loyalty is crucial to the Group’s productivity, performance and corporate image.

A "human-centered" business is one that puts people at the center of its business model.

There is 360-degree care for the well-being of people—in both their professional and personal lives. This focus encompasses physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual and financial well-being.

In Bermaz, we believe in placing our employees’ well-being first. We recognize and value the importance of human capital development. Attractive remuneration packages with comprehensive insurance coverage and hospitalization benefits are in-placed. Continuous learning, education and training programmes are introduced for employees to reskill and/or upskill and apply these skills to improve performance and provide better services to its customers. Sports and recreational activities are organized whenever possible to promote better rapport with the employees.







Silver Award for Consumer Products & Services from The Edge ESG Awards 2022


Top Three Performers in ASEAN from The Edge ESG Awards 2022


Top 10 of Malaysian's Most Preferred Graduate Employee to work in 2023 within the Automotive Industry